I made this little painting last week.  I often struggle to keep focus on what truly matters in life. I get caught up in what I wish were happening right now, what I don’t have and where I want to be in the future. Grateful and present is my daily mantra. When I get lost, I say those words to myself and it brings me back to the moment that I’m living and it helps me to feel the joy of what I do have.  I did an exercise recently where,  with my feet planted on the floor, I envisioned my toxic thoughts and feelings escaping through my feet into the earth. Our earth is strong and loving and can absorb pain and provide strength. I assigned a color to the toxic thoughts and feelings; that color was a very yucky, puke-y green. To fill my being with love and peace, I envisioned the beautiful, salmon pink that you see above.  The pink color veiled over me like a light mist and helped me to feel light and calm and happy. This exercise is really effective if you are feeling heavy and loaded by the weight of modern living, or if you’re having a dark day where you just can’t get out of your own way. Print this out for free here. If you have enough ink in your printer, it should print bright and vibrant. If you’d like an archival print of this piece contact me to buy one that will look just like the original painting. Share this printable with your friends! I bet that you know someone that could need a lift.




Can you believe these Star Wars books? They are my husband, Jesse’s from when he was a kid. He still has all of his childhood books and his collection is so good. Each morning Eden asks for “Robot”. That means that she wants these books. Sitting up on pillows in the middle our bed, she gently checks out each pop up. “Look Mama, a taun taun.” “R2, wharyoo?” “Yuda, where’d you go?” She says “Yuda” instead of Yoda. (She also calls her octopus stuffed animal friend, “applesauce”. Please never get it right! ) We showed her The Force Awakens this week. She kept calling BB-8 “Baby Egg”. Jesse and I mouthed “Baby Egg!!” at each other in total delight. You can’t make this kind of gold up.


Eden was Pee Wee Herman for Halloween last year. The other day I sent a Facebook message to Pee Wee asking for her photo to be submitted to his Costume Gallery. I messaged him like it was really him. He replied like it was really him. What a ridiculous thrill!





It was him. Yes, I typo’d. He didn’t mind. He is my friend. We TALK.


I recently  designed a new logo and my new stickers and tags arrived today.  I am very, very excited to use them for my tee shirt orders this week.



We had a super fun family time at the park on Wednesday. Puddles were found! Skateboarding! Good stuff.



The beach was really lovely today. These two were gazing at the ocean for quite some time.  This week was pretty great. Lots of work was done and we did a lot of playing.




I’ve been working on these tee shirts for months. They have finally been set free into the universe. My little girl,  Eden is the model and she is FAST and a huge challenge to capture! Like her parents, she is a tee shirt and jeans kinda gal so wearing them was no bother. Standing still was the issue.  It’s nice that we’ve photographed them all so now every park trip isn’t a photo session, at least for a little bit. Behold! Please give them a look and favorite away!


Here she is! She’s just doin’ her job. I’ll be making these for adults too (as requested) and a classic coffee mug too!  Available in toddler sizes here.


Here’s one of my favorite designs. Their names are Billie and Fletcher. Read their story here. Get the tee in toddler sizes here. Getta load of that hair! Jesse and I love it when she looks feral. She’s our tiny fire starter.


This photo made my Mama cry. She really is a cherub. She has those baby dimples on her tiny hands that tear me up! La pomme tee is  available here. This design is available in an art print too.


Here’s Eden looking for dinos in our favorite park. “C’mon, Mama!” Tee available here, art print here.

Check ’em all out in my shop.  I’ve got a bunch more tees in there plus art, greeting cards and mugs. Thanks for stopping by my blog! In the comments below, let me know what you think and if there’s anything you’d like to see in my shop. Also, print out my Spring coloring page and enter to win a free art print here! Last day to enter is May, 30, 2016.



When I was four, I won the Easter coloring contest for my age group at Zayre in Beverly, MA. (Think 70’s Target.) Zayre called me on the phone to give me the big news. Out of all of those entries taped to the two huge windows of Zayre, I had colored that wild eyed bunny drawing the BEST. This, was a thrill! It got even better from there. To reward me, I was invited to pop into participating stores on Cabot Street in Beverly and tell them that I was a winner! Each shop owner seemed genuinely thrilled to meet me and gave me something special from their store. The highlights for me were a pair of shoelaces and a red balloon. Today, I’m running my own coloring contest. Print out my Spring coloring page here. Please print and share with your friends. Snap a photo of your colored in page and send it to Write “SPRING COLORING CONTEST” in the subject line so that I know what’s up. I’ll pick a winner at random and the lucky person will get to pick a free archival print from my shop. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016. Have fun!