Can you believe these Star Wars books? They are my husband, Jesse’s from when he was a kid. He still has all of his childhood books and his collection is so good. Each morning Eden asks for “Robot”. That means that she wants these books. Sitting up on pillows in the middle our bed, she gently checks out each pop up. “Look Mama, a taun taun.” “R2, wharyoo?” “Yuda, where’d you go?” She says “Yuda” instead of Yoda. (She also calls her octopus stuffed animal friend, “applesauce”. Please never get it right! ) We showed her The Force Awakens this week. She kept calling BB-8 “Baby Egg”. Jesse and I mouthed “Baby Egg!!” at each other in total delight. You can’t make this kind of gold up.


Eden was Pee Wee Herman for Halloween last year. The other day I sent a Facebook message to Pee Wee asking for her photo to be submitted to his Costume Gallery. I messaged him like it was really him. He replied like it was really him. What a ridiculous thrill!





It was him. Yes, I typo’d. He didn’t mind. He is my friend. We TALK.


I recently  designed a new logo and my new stickers and tags arrived today.  I am very, very excited to use them for my tee shirt orders this week.



We had a super fun family time at the park on Wednesday. Puddles were found! Skateboarding! Good stuff.



The beach was really lovely today. These two were gazing at the ocean for quite some time.  This week was pretty great. Lots of work was done and we did a lot of playing.




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