I made this little painting last week.  I often struggle to keep focus on what truly matters in life. I get caught up in what I wish were happening right now, what I don’t have and where I want to be in the future. Grateful and present is my daily mantra. When I get lost, I say those words to myself and it brings me back to the moment that I’m living and it helps me to feel the joy of what I do have.  I did an exercise recently where,  with my feet planted on the floor, I envisioned my toxic thoughts and feelings escaping through my feet into the earth. Our earth is strong and loving and can absorb pain and provide strength. I assigned a color to the toxic thoughts and feelings; that color was a very yucky, puke-y green. To fill my being with love and peace, I envisioned the beautiful, salmon pink that you see above.  The pink color veiled over me like a light mist and helped me to feel light and calm and happy. This exercise is really effective if you are feeling heavy and loaded by the weight of modern living, or if you’re having a dark day where you just can’t get out of your own way. Print this out for free here. If you have enough ink in your printer, it should print bright and vibrant. If you’d like an archival print of this piece contact me to buy one that will look just like the original painting. Share this printable with your friends! I bet that you know someone that could need a lift.


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