This week I revisited these outfit drawings that I had started a couple of years ago. I’d love to make a repeats of each of these for wrapping paper. I can also picture them on notebooks and sketchbooks. (Thanks for that idea Sara!) Each series of dresses were designed with a specific gal in mind. Vivian, (above) has a classy, vintage look and wears her hair piled up like Joan Holloway from Mad Men.  She’s quite sultry and she has a sneaky wit. She finds children to be loud and germy.


These dresses were designed for Francine. She’s got a  Goldie Hawn, pixie hair cut (think the Laugh-in days) and pretty, small, rosebud lips. She’s a beautiful nerd who writes young adult novels about the trials of teenage love during the zombie apocalypse.

gemma_paperdresses_pink _100

These outfits were designed for Gemma. She is a hilarious, sailor mouthed,  skater/hippie girl. She has long, wild, almost ratty, yet gorgeous ombre hair.  Her pet goats are named Blanca and Hugh and her tortoise is named Serge. She has a pickled carrot booth at the Saturday farmer’s market.


This week, I also revisited these bunny drawings. Lop eared bunnies are crazy cute. I’d love to see this group on a kid’s tee or maybe some jammies.


Alpacas, nature’s marshmallows.  I think this might be a great blank card.


Highlights lately with our little Eden include hours of fun with a dollar store magnifying glass. “Look at THAT!”



She also loved attempting to scale “dirt mountain” at the park.



leopard_pinkkkgrd copy

Lastly in this week’s news, check out this leopard that I painted yesterday.  She’s my first leopard. I’m definitely going to need to make a repeat pattern of this lady.  I’ll get the fabric printed for dresses for me and Eden.  A can see a short-ish caftan for me and a little apron type dress for Eden. I can see it in my mind and I really like it!






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