I’ve been working on these tee shirts for months. They have finally been set free into the universe. My little girl,  Eden is the model and she is FAST and a huge challenge to capture! Like her parents, she is a tee shirt and jeans kinda gal so wearing them was no bother. Standing still was the issue.  It’s nice that we’ve photographed them all so now every park trip isn’t a photo session, at least for a little bit. Behold! Please give them a look and favorite away!


Here she is! She’s just doin’ her job. I’ll be making these for adults too (as requested) and a classic coffee mug too!  Available in toddler sizes here.


Here’s one of my favorite designs. Their names are Billie and Fletcher. Read their story here. Get the tee in toddler sizes here. Getta load of that hair! Jesse and I love it when she looks feral. She’s our tiny fire starter.


This photo made my Mama cry. She really is a cherub. She has those baby dimples on her tiny hands that tear me up! La pomme tee is  available here. This design is available in an art print too.


Here’s Eden looking for dinos in our favorite park. “C’mon, Mama!” Tee available here, art print here.

Check ’em all out in my shop.  I’ve got a bunch more tees in there plus art, greeting cards and mugs. Thanks for stopping by my blog! In the comments below, let me know what you think and if there’s anything you’d like to see in my shop. Also, print out my Spring coloring page and enter to win a free art print here! Last day to enter is May, 30, 2016.