My daughter Eden turned two last December. Since last summer, I checked Craigslist daily to find an adorable wooden play kitchen for her birthday gift. The kitchen needed to be small in order to fit in this little nook in our kitchen and it had to be customizable. I also didn’t want it to be a difficult project. I just wanted something that had great bones that I could add paint to and make it that much better. I did not want to spend too much because I  wanted to buy her some fun wooden food toys, pots, pans and dishes too. As you know, these things can get really expensive if you aren’t careful.  I spotted this one on Amazon. It looked great and it was the right size, but I knew that I could do better price wise and I knew that I wanted to make something special for her.


My neighbor Michele was also on the case for the perfect play kitchen for Eden. She spotted this one on Craigslist and alerted me right away. It was $30 and was the perfect size.


When I got to the seller’s place for pick up it had lots of not-washable marker all over it. The woman knocked the price down to $25 because of the marker. I got it home and was too excited to try my magic eraser on the marker mess to take a picture first. The magic eraser worked and the whole kitchen looked pretty awesome. I adore that little stainless steel sink. The label on the back of the play kitchen reads that it is from Pottery Barn. I bet it originally cost a lot more than $25!


I had a very specific green and orange in mind to spruce up the range.  Martha Stewart came through with the green but not with the orange. I used the Folk Art brand for the orange and I’ve gotta say it did not deliver as well as Martha Stewart’s craft paint. That stuff paints so smoothly on many types of surfaces. I struggled much more with the Folk Art brand to get it to look nice and smooth.


I think it came out pretty nice! You can see the slightly streaky effect from the Folk Art paint on the orange sink knobs. I kept trying to smooth it out with more coats but the effort was not improving the look. Martha Stewart craft paints are the way to go. The vintage plates and cups are from an awesome Etsy store called Myatticstreasures. I felt that Eden needed a tiny sponge to wash dishes so I cut one of ours in half. She loves to “wash dishes” and “wash her hands” in her sink.


Here are some more of the adorable vintage plates and a tea cup from Etsy store,  myatticstreasures. Man, I love these! They are so happy and bright.


The food toys are from this Plan toys set. I love the simple graphics. My neighbor Michele scored the adorable pots and pans set at Home Goods.


I added one of my Owl and Bird dishtowels (found in my store) so that her stove had a towel hung on it just like Mama’s stove. She loves to thread the towel through and make it look just right.

kitchen_reallife REEDIT

Here’s what it usually looks like, total mayhem. The mini fruit prints are from my shop.

kitchen_opendoor copyREEDIT

I feel so pleased seeing this little kitchen in our kitchen! Sometimes when Eden is in bed for the night I sit here and organize her food into their food groups and fold her little kitchen towels. I love this stuff!


This project was so worth the minimal effort! Eden plays with it every day and it will be a good size for her for a while. Here’s to fun, not expensive, not grueling projects! I hope this inspires you to go find a thrifty little kitchen to make just right for your kiddo.